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Neon8: Creative Videography Production Company.

From our video production studio in Edinburgh, Scotland, Neon8 works with clients from all over the UK to produce high quality, creative and engaging video content. Our range of holistic videography services range from filmed content, motion graphics, animations, voice-overs, narration and stakeholder interviews. 

Noen8 provide consultation, video production and training to a wide range of individuals, organisations, businesses, third sector organisations, movements, musicians, artists and anyone in between!  

Now, more than ever, video content is an integral part of the online communication strategy. If you’re looking for a UK video production company or Edinburgh videographer to work with and help realise your ideas for creating moving image content, then we would love to hear from you. 

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Video Productions Lifecycle

The following is a guide to the usual video production workflow and gives you an idea of what work we undertake when you hire us to make your films. 

I. Preproduction

An important part of all our production services (including VR Production) begins with preproduction and consultation. This process allows us to understand what you or your company is wanting to convey and what we need to do and how we need to do it, in order to deliver amazing results for you.  Neon8 can do this via online video calls, over a coffee or our welcoming meeting space at our video production studio HQ in Edinburgh.

II. Production


Any video production shoot requires the videographer or production company to capture what the client needs and a bit more besides.  Our video production services are all about making the most of the location and most importantly, the people who feature within it. We have extensive experience of filming in challenging environments and with a wide range of people from  CEOs to vulnerable children and adults. This sensitivity allows us to get the best from people and help them feel relaxed around our cameras and kit. It’s the foundation of all of our work. 

Recording Audio

Audio is usually an afterthought for most people when recording some video. We believe that could be a mistake. The perception of audio quality can have a huge impact on how much your viewers actually believe what you’re saying. Clearly, it’s not the only factor that results in authentic representations on film, but it’s up there at the top. At Neon8, we’ve invested in our sound recording equipment to ensure we’re covered in a wide variety of situations and that the sound we record is crystal clear and broadcast quality. 

Video Production Edinburgh
Video Production Rig Edinburgh

III. Video Post Production


The edit is where the art of storytelling comes to life. Whether it’s short corporate videos for social media or a lavish 10 episode tour of Scotland, putting all the footage and information together to mould a coherent and engaging piece takes understanding, craft, perseverance and a reminder not to be precious. If a beautiful shot doesn’t match the story, it stays on the hard drive!

Motion Graphics & Animation

Video production is about more than editing footage together – sometimes it may not even contain any filmed content. If you’re looking to bring infographics to life or to tell a story with words, images or drawings, we can help realise these ambitions by applying our creative nous to transform what you want to say into a video that’s borne from ideas and imagination. 

Music, FX & Audio Mastering

Unless you’re in the Horror movie game, giving your viewer nasty shocks with jumping audio levels is not something you usually want to do. Ironing out all the disparities in audio levels and cleaning some dialogue, as well as mixing music and fx into the film all takes time – but it’s time well spent. Professionally mixed audio is essential to match the quality of the visuals. Thankfully here at Neon8, Kelman has years of experience in audio production and is a former Avid Certified Instructor for Pro Tools. He’s carried that knowledge into his filmmaking, so you can be sure to receive a video with smooth, clear and punchy sounding audio.

Colour Correction & Grading

Once the edit is nailed down, colour correction and grading adds some sparkle to your visuals. By filming in high-quality video formats, we can push and pull the colour, the highlights and shadows in your footage to provide you with a film that fits your story and looks consistent throughout.

IV. Delivery

Depending on what your video is for, we can output to suit the platform you will be using. For example, a client would like to embed their films on their website portfolio, or use it across their social media channels, so as part of our services we offer support in ensuring you can use the video where you need it. 

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