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Neon8 are inspired to bring your story to life in new and innovative ways 

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We at Neon8 believe we all have a story in us and bringing your story to life in new and innovative ways is our passion. At the heart of all quality engagements is storytelling. From books to films, theatre to news, story is the lifeforce that transforms our reality. Neon8 are inspired to tell your story through creative video production and virtual reality films.

We love to talk with you about stories you want to tell. As experienced filmmakers, we embrace the opportunity to share with you creative ways in which we can bring your story to life. From visual storytelling to video production, Neon8 works with companies of all sizes to create quality video content that helps you connect with your audience. 

Neon8 Video Highlights

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Video Production

Find out more about our video production services and how we can help bring your story to life in an empathic, engaging and dynamic way.

Virtual Reality

Discover how our virtual reality filmmaking and immersive films can help you connect on a deep, dynamic and profound level with your audience.


If you're interested in powering-up your own (in-house) video content, find out how our bespoke video training can help you successfully tell your story.

Connecting With Your Audience

Video content is an ubiquitous part of online communication and a major component in connecting with your audience. Utilising video can be highly beneficial for building your brand by increasing your visibility and improving your engagement.

In the past 15 years, YouTube has grown from a video sharing site to one of the top 3 online platforms in the world. People love engaging with video and video content is now almost as prevalent as words on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & TikTok. In a crowded online world, with so much information vying for people’s attention, a creative and professional approach is needed to help you present your ideas, visions and stories in a more flattering light… literally! 

Neon8 Video VR Production

Communicating with aesthetically striking visuals, crisp clear sound and motion graphics help people buy into your message. That’s where Neon8 comes in! We specialise in creative Video Production & Virtual Reality filmmaking that reflects your brand and helps you grow your audience.

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We can’t always be in the heart of the action, but we can be part of the interaction. How you communicate will shape the the quality of the connections and relationships you maintain and create. If you’d like an informal chat to see how we can help you build your brand with creative video content, please get in touch with us.

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